Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Learn more about the workforce management (WFM) software with the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. It's a simplified WFM. Powerful workforce management software improves both customer and employee experiences and helps your organization achieve its goals. We've reinvented how WFM software can be made user-friendly in an increasingly complex environment. You can be confident that the right people are scheduled at the right time and focused on the needs of customers.

We've removed the complexity without removing the features it depends on. Our modern cloud-based user interface is optimized to simplify common tasks. We know how important it is to create a familiar and intuitive user interface. all the features you need while providing an enhanced experience. Are you ready for optimized ads that allow hiring managers to see everything they need without having to switch screens?

Makersmind workforce management solutions give you flexibility, ease of use and opportunity without sacrificing customer experience or operational efficiencies, Fewer clicks to schedule, Full-featured cloud deployment ,More flexible scheduling options, Easier way to manage work across the organization.

A single schedule for all locations, channels and remote work. Increase productivity and satisfaction by using workforce management tools designed to simplify WFM and improve employee and customer experiences.

We get it. Life is more complicated than ever. Now employees are demanding more flexibility to balance their busy lives with their work duties. Our WFM software includes mobile apps for agents and supervisors. on the way.

Agents can quickly make schedule adjustments from their devices with automated approval rules. Verint Workforce Management includes: Time-off requests Channel and task changes Innovative shift rotations.

Makersmind offers workforce management capabilities designed specifically for back-office and branch operations, such as: B. Activity-based planning. Back office planning focuses resources on specific production activities in blocks of time that align with work arrivals, volumes and deadlines. Our workforce management tool enables smarter planning.

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How We Do
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