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Security Management

Businesses around the world use cloud services to save money, be mobile and scale effortlessly. Without cloud services, your business may not achieve optimal operational performance. Organizations that have adopted and invested in the right cloud services have benefited in terms of greater business agility, efficiency, effectiveness and access. Makersmind experts provide end-to-end cloud services for businesses in kakinada across all industries. Makersmind soft solutions offers high-end cloud consulting and enterprise cloud solutions.

Whether you need a private, public, hybrid, or community cloud environment, our experts will work with you to choose the right cloud package for your business. has the industry knowledge and experience to keep your cloud assets running. Managed IT Services are a holistic approach to outsourced IT support. A full suite of IT Support Best Practices are continually leveraged to keep systems up and running and secure.

Infrastructure as a Service : We help you eliminate the cost and hassle of purchasing and managing your infrastructure by providing organizations with the infrastructure needed to design and build cloud-based innovations.

AWS : We help your business realize the full potential of the AWS cloud platform by helping our customers transition to the AWS cloud.

Azure : Leveraging our knowledge of successful Microsoft Azure setups, we help organizations quickly deploy or migrate their infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime or risk. Our cloud services empower your business by increasing productivity and effectiveness because you have access to the right infrastructure and applications.

Google Apps : We offer cloud computing solutions from Google on the Google Cloud Platform, which consists of tools for cloud management, security and development.

Office 365 : We protect your company and your data in a virtual workplace. With Microsoft Office 365 cloud platforms, your data and workflows can be made available to you anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Line of Business Application Hosting : We provide applications critical to running your business and help you host workloads.

How We Do

How We Do
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