Mobile App Development
Course Training

Mobile App Development
Course Training

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Key Features

Key Features


Our curriculum is designed by experts for beginners to make the internship more effective.

Practical Learning

Practical Education To empower our students, we offer more hands-on training than theoretical instruction.

Live Projects

To help them get better at what they do, we let our students work on real-world projects.

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals Of Mobile App Development

React native mobile app development



React, JSX

Components, Props, State, Style

Components, Views, User Input




Expo Components



Shipping, Testing

Ionic mobile app development

Frameworks and Libraries

Advanced Ionic




Key Takeaways

Ionic Component Basics

iOS and Android Apps

Angular with Ionic

Using Capacitor and Ionic

Testing and Debugging

Routing and Navigation in Ionic

Ionic Components

Theming and Styling Ionic Apps

Handling Input from Users

Managing State

Sending Http Requests

Using Firebase

Adding Google Maps

Using Native Device Features – Camera & Location

Implementing Authentication

Publishing the Ionic App

Mobile App Development Training

You have arrived at the right place to learn Mobile App Development Training. Makersmind is one of the best company which provides Mobile App Development Training. There are numerous growth opportunities provided to the students, like working on Live projects of the clients, training certificates, and many more.
Course Duration :   5 Months
Students Enrolled : 2,352
Languange : English