John Williams

Founder & Director

John Williams is the visionary Founder and Director of 'Makers Mind,' a journey that began with a Computer Science Engineering from JNTU, Kakinada, India. His journey is one of determination, innovation, and achievement, all of which represent his unwavering pursuit of a dream. He started as a full-stack developer and eventually worked his way up to a project manager, accruing incredible achievements along the way. His interest in technology inspired his early ambition to establish a development firm. He experienced hurdles along the way, but his constant focus on his goals carried him forward.

Finally, He achieved his lifelong dream by establishing the successful 'Makersmind Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.' This accomplishment not only brought immense personal satisfaction but also opened doors of opportunities for numerous people throughout this business idea. With dedication and a visionary business idea, he turned his dream into a thriving reality. The success of 'Makers Mind' transcended geographical boundaries as the company extended its services from its Indian roots to reach clients in the USA and Australia. This expansion marked a significant milestone in his journey, showcasing his ability to adapt and thrive in diverse markets. His aspirations reach even higher, with a bold vision of making 'Makers Mind' the best multinational corporation. He tirelessly works towards this goal, continuously striving for excellence in the constantly evolving tech industry and developing technological advances. His commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and staying ahead of technological advancements positions 'Makers Mind' as a strong competitor for future success.